Salsa Dancing Around the World


While salsa began as a Cuban dance, it has become popular in many places around the world. There are clubs devoted solely to salsa dancing. They are found in nearly every major world city where dance music is popular. Styles may vary, but the basic salsa steps have remained the same. There are 3 steps for every 4 beats of music, and it is repeated twice. This means there are always 6 steps for every 8 beats of the local salsa music.

Latin dance has become very popular around the world. The music has a spicy feel and is considered hot. Dancing to Latin music is more of a lifestyle choice than anything else. It requires dancers to let go and enjoy the music as they move. Less formal than European or Asian styles of dance, it gives dancers a wide range of choices in moves and personal expression. Salsa dancers dance because they love to, not because they feel a social obligation.

There are 3 basic steps to salsa, but movement is up to those performing the dance. Because the speed of the music varies with the culture, each has developed their own style of salsa dancing. This gives those that love the music a chance to experience new and different styles when they visit other cities or countries. It has long been considered acceptable to visit salsa dance clubs and learn their particular dance styles. Each club will have regulars that welcome outsiders onto their dance floor.

It may be impossible to learn every style variation of salsa dancing. Letting go and enjoying the music is the best way to learn new styles. People that enjoy salsa tend to let their hair down and flow with the music within the basic steps. This is all anyone can ask of the dedicated salsa dancer.